Religious Education

Faith Formation creates an environment in which children, young adults, and adults can grow in faith.  We as a parish are on the same journey to accomplish one mission: a closer relationship with Jesus.  Mass is central to living out our Catholic Faith; it is where we receive Jesus, the Bread of Life, and learn through Scripture and prayer.  Faith Formation lasts a lifetime.  Students will learn about sacraments, morality, social justice and the Church’s life and mission.  Interactive learning includes videos, discussion questions, reflections.

A comprehensive approach to Faith Formation comprising:

Grade 1:  Children will be made aware of God’s love for them. Their knowledge of  becoming a child of  God through Baptism will be expanded.  References to Promise…a  weekly take home supplement.

Grade 2:  First Eucharist/First  Reconciliation - As children reach the age of reason (7 yrs.of age) the Church offers them the most treasured gift, the Eucharist. (Jn6:51,54,56.)

 Concepts to be covered:

  • Catholic Identity:  Belonging to the Church
  • Two of the Three Sacraments of Initiation:  Baptism and Eucharist
  • Celebrating the Liturgy: Importance of weekly Mass
  • Eucharist: Gift given to us/Jesus’s Body and Blood
  • Reconciliation: Forgiveness/benevolent love of God our Father
  • Understanding the Mass
  • Retreat (during class time)
  • Penitential service/First Reconciliaion/Confession
  • Parent meetings:  Presenter Fr.John Kiley

Grades 3-4

  • Overview of the Sacraments of Initiation - Baptism - Confirmation - Eucharist
  • Serious understanding of the 10 commandments
  • Ponder the Beatitudes/personal application
  • References to: text We Believe

Grade 5

  • Basic understanding and discussion of the Gospels of the New Testament
  • Bibles will be provided

Grade 6

  • Basic understanding and discussion of the Hebrew Scriptures/Old Testament
  • Discussions: Rediscover Jesus through the Gospels
  • Acknowledge the importance of the Scriptures in the life of a Christian
  • Prayer: Scheduled  and spontaneous

Grades 7-8

  • Alpha /film series for youth
  • A series of videos focused on youth/round table discussions

Grade 9-10 Confirmation Prep

  • Confirmation:  The third Sacrament of Initiation
  • Decision Point: The dynamic Catholic approach with videos

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