About Our Parish

Our History ~ Sainte Anne Roman Catholic Church is located in the Castle Hill neighborhood of South Salem, Massachusetts. In February of 1982 the nearly one-hundred-year old wooden church building was totally destroyed by an early morning conflagration.

The new Pastor at that time, Father Louis Bourgeois, was awakened at approximately 2:00 AM by the "unexplained ringing of the church bell"..  only to find the building completely engulfed in flames. That bell and a few other artifacts are all that remain of the original church building. On that night it completely burned to the ground.   

The devoted and faithful parishioners of Ste. Anne through the grace of God immediately came together and firmly vowed to rebuild their parish church and that they did. A beautiful new and modern church building was dedicated on that site on August 26, 1986. Originally established as a French parish in 1901, Ste. Anne now consists of approximately eight hundred diverse catholic families. In recent years an increasing number of families from Africa and the Philippines are calling Ste. Anne their spiritual home.  We invite all to share with us faith in Jesus Christ and His gospel, loving service of others, and living our lives for the greater honor and glory of God.


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